Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Gypsy vs. Jawbone

In an earlier post I talked about the poor customer service that I have been receiving from Jawbone when it comes to their UP fitness band. Now I have been having back and forth conversations with them about their product because I decided to go to twitter. Here is the thing, they keep promising to get back to me with answers about why I received such poor customer service, but all I have been getting is standard prompted messages about the issues.

Now I returned their device weeks ago, and the only thing I asked was for them to look over my tickets and emails and see that I wasn't getting helped. Instead Jawbone has taken it upon themselves to open new tickets for me concerning a device I no longer own. I have told them this 4 times but because they can't seem to read they haven't caught onto that yet. 

On May 17, I posted another message on twitter, about yet another band that went bad. That was 4 bands that I got that had issues. Now I paid around $350 in gas, warranties, and the devices themselves because I want to be healthier. The first few days it worked great then it was all downhill from there. Needless to say I was fed up and let them know it. They just now responded to the tweet and even though I told them in a direct message on twitter that I didn't submit a ticket for the fourth and final band because of their poor customer service. I was pretty much blown off because they took it upon themselves to open another ticket for me. 

Once again I was emailed a promoted response and asked for information I already told them they weren't getting, because I was done. I told them that I had returned the product and the only thing I wanted was to know why their support team was unwilling to help me and put the blame on Best Buy,

Here was their first response:

"Hi Sara,
Thanks for reaching out to us on Twitter. I have created a support ticket for your partner, and a member for our Customer Care Team will be in touch shortly. Let me know if you have any additional questions or concerns. Also, feel free to respond with your partner's contact info, so we can reach out to her directly.
All the best,
Alexandra Howard"

I got this after I had already told them on twitter I no longer had the device nor did I feel the need to submit a ticket for the fourth device. So I replied to them with this:

"I'm the one who purchased both bands so I will be the one communicating with you. I don't want her to go through the same hassle I have been going through because of getting defective bands. That and your support team is total crap for not listening to the issues instead gave standard prepared responses to my issues. I shouldn't have had to put in 4 tickets to get my issue resolved and it took me going back to Best Buy to fix the issue which meant returning it and getting a completely new device."

To which they responded with:

"Hi Sara,
My name is Mina and I work on the Customer Advocacy team here in our headquarters in San Francisco.
I am sorry to hear that you had to go through so much hassle to get a replacement. I would like to personally provide assistance with your partner's band and make sure that everything goes smoothly.
If you could let me know a little bit about the issues that your partner is having, it would be very helpful. Also, please provide either the band's Serial Number or the email address associated with your partner's UP account.
Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. I am always happy to help!
Thanks again, Sara. I look forward to resolving this for you guys!
Mina "
Now this told me that once again! I was ignored and given another email about something I don't even own anymore. I am fed up to say the least. I have worked customer service, so I know how it goes but these emails have all been the same and nothing ever got resolved. 
So, I took to twitter again cause I was just done. 
"@GypsyGothika: @Jawbone you really need a course in customer service. Stop saying you will get back to me with your standardized emails & DMs."
Honestly I am tired of them sending me generic responses that aren't going anywhere and are really a waste of my time and there is nothing I hate more then going around in circles with customer service reps. I hate that if it isn't on their script that they try and get you back to what is scripted. 
What in the hell happened to customer service? I mean when did they stop listening and start depending on scripts to tell them what to say? To tell us how to fix things even though it had been previously stated that what they were asking had already been done, and didn't work? How many tickets do people have to put in before they are finally given a solution? And why in the hell does it take 2-4 weeks to replace a product that someone has owned less than A week? Because customer service is going down the tubes that's why.
Being that I am just done. Completely and entirely done with this whole mess I replied to jawbone with this:
"I don't know what pisses me off, the fact that I get standardized messages from you all, or the fact that no one actually reads the messages I have sent. The bands were returned to Best Buy because they didn't function properly and when I tried to get help, all you guys could say was to reset it. 4 tickets I put in for the same damn issue and every time I got the same damn response. Then I took it to twitter and all of a sudden you all start acting like you cared yet I'm still getting the run around. 
I have now told your company 4 times, not including the support tickets, that I returned your product to Best Buy and went with a new brand because I was tired of putting up with poor customer service. 
I put that on twitter and suddenly you all wanted to help again but still gave me the run around and then tried to blame it on Best Buy. I'm quite tired of having the same conversation with you people over and over again. 
The bands we got either didn't vibrate at all or wouldn't stop vibrating even when in movement. You are welcome to look at my passed tickets using this same email address and you can see that your support team wasn't all that interested in helping me with the matter.
Even when it got to the point that your support staff agreed that the band needed to get replaced I was told it would take 2-4 weeks to get a new one. I had the band for about a week before it went bad so not only did I spend 129.99 on the band but I also got a 19.99 warranty through Best Buy (thank god) that is not including the 4 trips I had to make back Best Buy to replace the damn things because you all couldn't do it any faster not did you seem interested in trying to make your customers happy. 
I ended up spending close to $350 dollars on products that didn't work and that was stupid on my part. If you all want make this right then I would be more than grateful to have the $30 dollars in gas back that I had to use going to and from the store. Seeing as I can't get back the countless hours of time, there is really nothing you all can do to resolve the issue because I already took care of it. I moved on to a new brand with better customer service."
Ya it may be a little harsh but this is like ticket number 10 that has been opened and never resolved. They don't follow through with anything but "let's try resetting the band." Well that can't happen if I don't have the device which I have told your company now 4 times. 
I'm not saying that people should boycott Jawbone I'm saying we need to fix customer service because obviously its broken. I am tired of the back and forth and hope that this blog gets companies to open there eyes. Stop scripting your calls, have your people actually listen to what is being said, and if someone owns a product for less than a week don't tell them it's going to take up to a month to get a replacement. That is what kills me about this whole thing, they couldn't be troubled to pay a little extra to overnight me a new band, noooooo they said I was better off going to Best Buy, so I did. 
I hope the next response I get from the company, if I get one at all as they don't respond if it's not part of their script, is something that shows they have actually taken a moment to give a damn about everything I went through. I guess it is asking too much to be asked to be treated like a human and not a computer.
Sorry for the long rant but I felt this had to be shown, because something has to change. 


Added 5/28/13 6:14pm: This was the response I got from Jawbone with response to my email. This just goes to show how out of touch and out of sync the companies is, that they didn't even bother to tell the rep that I had returned the product.

"Hi Sara,

Thanks for getting back to us. It wasn't clear to me that you have already returned your partner's band, so I do apologize for my previous response. I totally understand how it might have come off as standardized.

Once again, we are sorry to hear that you had such a negative customer service experience and thank you for your feedback.

Please let us know if there is anything else we can do for you."

Thank you jawbone for not giving a damn.

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