Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Scam Alert!

Hello Readers,

I wanted to let you all know that there is a phone scam going on right now that you DO NOT want to be a part of. A company will call and say that they are calling on behalf of Microsoft and they are going to help you remove viruses and malware from your computer. They will tell you that they received and alert from their servers that your computer sent them this information. It is a lie, Microsoft doesn't have people call you to tell you about any of the reports your computer sends out and if they did it would come from their WA state office not an overseas unavailable number. They will prompt you that your antivirus and antimalware programs are only 85% effective. This is all a lie, what they really want to do is gain access to your computer to download your content, basically they are looking for any online purchases you have made so they can have access to your credit cards.

Some of you may want to know how I know this is a scam, because one the lady couldn't tell me how many computers I have in my home. Two, microsoft doesn't call people if they get a major error report on your computer, they send you a letter of recall if it is that dangerous. Three, if you regularly take care of your computer and utilize your antivirus and antimalware properly your computer is completely safe. Also these callers are reading to you from a prompt and once you say something that isn't apart of their prompt they start over. That means they don't even know how to do what they are asking you to, thus don't listen to them.

I am under the understanding that this has been going on for awhile now, but I still felt the need to write a blog to keep people warned. If they call just hang up the phone, it is not worth your time.


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