Thursday, May 30, 2013

Something for myself

Hello everyone,

So there are a lot of new and exciting things for me going on these days. First I want to start out by saying that I have lost 15lbs, and that is just from eating healthy and quitting soda. I am rather proud of that fact, because I did it despite everyone I know making fun of me for being on a 'diet' and telling me that I am 'missing out.' I am looking forward to the next phase of being able to work out and tone up a bit but I have to wait till after I see my Dr on Tuesday about my hand. I am hoping that he says I won't need a second surgery but at the same time I want it to fix what's going on now. Its is just a mixture of pro and cons for either happening so I am just waiting it out.

In order to celebrate my weight loss I decided to do something for myself, and that was color my hair. Now to some this may not be a big deal, but I didn't go with a standard color by any means. I colored my hair purple, because when I had purple hair I was happy, I like the color and I think it looks really good on me.



Aside from recoloring hair, I have also decided to write a book. It has taken me a lot of time to finally get the courage to write it, but I think it will come out well. Most importantly I am not writing the book to try and become someone famous, but instead I am writing it for me. I will try and get it published, and if it sells then it sells if not then I am not worried about it. I have nothing but time on my hands, so I figure that I could put it to use by writing a book.

I have something else exciting coming up as well, I will be meeting a fellow blogger, Danielle, you should head over to her blog, My Life According to Me. We are both participating in a Lulu And Sweet Pea's Summertime swap.

Other than that I have this new Elastic Therapeutic Tape on my hand to stop me from using my wrist as a way to move my fingers and it isn't the most pleasant. It hurts more than I expected but has made me more aware of how much my pinky and ring finger depend on my wrist to get movement. Other then that I am looking forward to the rest of the week. I am doing well when it comes to getting more activity in everyday and eating right. I am hoping to to work my way up to being able to do a full 20 min workout so we shall see. Hope everyone has a good weekend!



  1. I'm glad to hear your new eating habits are paying off for you. :)

    Also, the purple looks good on you, and the dye came out well. I've seen some dye jobs in artificial color that didn't come out well.

    1. Thanks,
      I am trying hard to get myself back together and I was always my happiest when I had purple hair. It may be odd and strange to others but I think it looks good on me. The process wasn't easy, I burnt myself with the bleach.. Opps, but I like it. There are a couple of blonde spots about but for a girl who can't see without her glasses I thought I did pretty well.

      I'm looking forward to the next step of my journey that is for sure. :)


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